Write dissertation or doctoral thesis

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Are you still at the very beginning and are you considering whether you should write a dissertation or a doctoral thesis?

You wonder how you should tackle the whole thing (maybe even next to a job)?

Are you already in the middle of the work process and looking for support?

You are already sitting eternally at your dissertation or doctoral thesis and are not progressing?

You want to publish your dissertation and do not know how and where?

Before I founded the writing workshop, I worked as an assistant at the University of Vienna for ten years.

I taught, researched and did my PhD at the assistant position, and that took four years to do so under enormous time pressure.

So from my own experience, I know what a challenge it is to handle a dissertation. Questions that are new to you are routine for me.

Write dissertation or doctoral thesis

Here is a selection of topics I can support you with:

  • Should I do my doctorate? Is a PhD thesis worth it for me?
  • How do I write a really good application for my scholarship?
  • How do I find a topic?
  • How do I break my topic?
  • How do I find the entire literature on my topic?
  • How do I quote correctly?
  • How do I write an exposé?
  • How do I develop an outline?
  • How do I find out if my dissertation is correctly weighted?
  • What can I do about my writer’s block?
  • How can I enjoy my doctoral thesis or dissertation with more pleasure?
  • What can I do so that I do not write plagiarism?
  • How can I improve my time management?
  • How do I balance job, family and promotion?
  • How do I prepare a really good presentation or a really good presentation at a conference?
  • How do I prepare for the defense of my doctoral thesis or dissertation?
  • How and where can I publish my dissertation or dissertation?
  • Where can I get the money for the printing costs subsidy?
  • Can I publish the dissertation 1: 1 or should I revise it?

What doctoral students say about coaching

I have to write my dissertation next to a full-time job. At some point, nothing worked for me. I was just more frustrated because everything was too much for me. Huberta Weigl helped a lot in this situation. We took a close look at my situation and worked out a battle plan, so to speak. I now know how to get the diss. And the job better under one roof. It also became clear to me that I would not be able to finish my dissertation as quickly as students who just do not have to work on the side.

Martin (PhD in History)

Although I have written a diploma thesis, but have experience with a university work, I did not really get started with my doctoral thesis. In coaching with Mrs Weigl, I then understood that it is because the subject is just too big. I came a long way with her in the one hour! We broke down the topic. Now the doctoral thesis seems really feasible.

Klaus (PhD in Business Administration)

I think it’s great that there is such an offer. I live in Hamburg and discovered Huberta’s offer by accident. My main concern was how to publish my doctoral thesis. How do I find a publisher? How do I recognize a dubious publishing house? How do I finance the publication of my doctoral thesis? One notices that Huberta has already published a lot and is simply knowledgeable. Clear recommendation!

Mareike (PhD in art history)

FAQ on coaching for doctoral students

► How does coaching work?

Just before the coaching you will receive an e-mail from me. In that you will find a link to a virtual meeting room (in the meantime, I no longer use Skype, but Zoom.us because it is more stable). Please click on the link at the beginning of the coaching and we are already connected. All you need is an internet connection, a camera and a microphone.

► I live in Vienna and would like to come to you.

I only offer online coaching. I have been doing so well for years and can reassure you: we do not have to sit around a table to solve your problems. We can do it online too!

► Can I send you a text in advance?

If it is important for the clarification of your questions, you can send me your text via e-mail shortly before the beginning of the coaching or during the coaching. In addition, you can always share your screen with me during coaching and show me your text. Due to my twenty years of experience (I worked as a teacher for ten years at the University of Vienna, among other things), I do not have to read 20, 30, 40 or even more pages in advance to see where things are going.

How much is coaching?

A one-hour coaching costs 120$ , including 20% ​​VAT. For this fee, I put my entire expertise from twenty years of university teaching and work as a scientist available. By the way, many students can deduct the coaching from the tax.


You can book a 60-minute coaching session with me below. In this time we work concentrated on the solution of your problems. You can book a single coaching at the latest 24 hours before the appointment, cancel it free of charge and postpone it free of charge. Thereafter, a free cancellation or rebooking is no longer possible.

Shortly before the agreed date, you will receive from me via e-mail a link to a virtual meeting room (I used Skype in the past, meanwhile I switched to Zoom.us because that is a lot more stable). Click on the link and we can start. Should there be technical problems, we will close shortly by phone. My phone number is 0043 680 1247994. By the way, the tool that I work with allows us to share the screen with each other as needed.

After completing the writing coaching you will receive the invoice via e-mail. Please settle these within three days.

Here you can book the coaching!

To book coaching, click on one of the days marked in bold – these are the days when there are still free appointments. I always set the appointments about 3 to 4 weeks in advance.