Blogging: Online coaching

Develop strategy for the blog • Copywriting • Create editorial plan • Win readers and customers • Search engine optimization

Tailored support for your blog project!

I support you if you want to start a blog or optimize your existing blog. And what is particularly important to me: understandability. I explain things to you so that you can understand and implement them. All coaching takes place online. This has one big advantage: we can work together no matter where you work and live.

You want to learn the craft of blogging?

Are you planning a blog and looking for help because you do not know exactly how to do it?

Do you have a blog for which you want more readers?

Would you like to know how to use your blog to attract customers?

You would like a text feedback to your blog articles?

You would like to get started with the topic “Search Engine Optimization”?

I’ll help you build or optimize your blog – whether you have a corporate blog or a science blog. Parallel to my coachings, I also offer courses for bloggers in Vienna. More information here.

Help with questions about blogging

With questions like these you are right with me:

  • Is a blog worth it for me?
  • How can I use a blog for customer acquisition?
  • How do I best tackle the “blog” project?
  • How do I write my first blog article?
  • How much time do I need for writing?
  • Where should I blog?
  • How do I develop a strategy for my blog?
  • What would be good topics for my blog?
  • How do I announce my blog?
  • How do I gain more readers?
  • Can I make money from blogging?
  • How does search engine optimization work?
  • How long should my blog articles be?
  • How do I build a blog article?
  • How often should I blog?
  • Where should I take the pictures for the blog?
  • How do I create an editorial plan?
  • How do I find guest authors for my blog?
  • How do I find blogs where I can write a guest article?
  • Are my blog articles even good (linguistically and / or content wise)?
  • How can I blog more diversified?
  • How do I stay motivated?
  • Do I need a newsletter?
  • How do I use the newsletter to attract customers?
  • How do I use Facebook for my blog?
  • Should I tweet too?
  • We blog in our company as a team. How do we organize this best?

What I do not offer

It is important for me to make it clear that I can and do not support you.

I am not a webmaster and therefore not the right person for technical advice on WordPress or other content management systems. I would like to recommend someone from my network to advise you on this.

In addition, I offer the consultation only online and there are no free introductory dates. I like to work independently of location and support you purposefully. You’ll see what’s going on in an hour if we’re focused on solving your problems.

Fee for my blog advice

A 60-minute coaching costs 120, – €, including 20% ​​VAT. For this fee, I provide all my expertise as a blogger, social media consultant and copywriter.

You want to know how successful my own blog is?

Here is some information about the blog of the writing workshop:

I am blogging since 2012. This year I founded the writing workshop.

In my blog you will find more than 300 articles.

The blog is my most important customer acquisition tool.

If you want to know more, but above all to know the numbers about my website and my blog, please take a look at the MediaKit.

How to book a consultation for your blog

Your way to the appointment

Using the tool below, you can book a 60-minute consultation session with me. During this time I am only there for you and we are working hard to solve your problems.

You can cancel or postpone the appointment at least 24 hours before the appointment. A shorter term cancellation or transfer is not possible.


Approximately Ten minutes before our appointment, you will receive an e-mail from me with a link to a virtual meeting room. Click on it and we are connected. What do you need for the whole thing to work technically? An internet connection, a camera and a microphone. Should there be technical problems, please call me. My phone number is +43 680 1247994.

Incidentally, the tool I work with is called It runs much more stable than Skype and also allows us to share our screens with each other when we need it.


After coaching, you will receive an invoice via e-mail. Please settle these within three days. If you live in EU countries, please select a SEPA transfer, so that neither you nor me expenses incurred.

Dates to choose from

To make an appointment binding, click on one of the days marked in bold – these are the days when there are still available dates. It opens a window and you see the times that are still available.